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About Us

Top Personnel has 30years of experience in Recruiting, national advertising, referrals, searching, contract management and general HR assistance.

Our successful placements are in the following fields of Production, Engineering, logistics, technical/artisans, finance, HR, Sales, Procurement, Research and Corporate.


Integrity and confidentiality is of key importance.  We pride ourselves in establishing mutually beneficial relationships, lasting for many years. We have solid understanding of skill requirements within the manufacturing  and services sector.

Top Personnel works closely with assessment professionals and IR specialists.The Automotive manufacturing, Agricultural, Pharmaceutical, Financial and other Services, Food, Retail and Academic Institutions are our main focus.
Our goal is to bring together quality skilled staff to make a contribution to your business. The Reward is to receive feedback on our recommended staff,who have been valued and promoted. Above all we deem honesty and transparency as key components in relationships with our clients and candidates.




Executive Appointments

The key aspects and traits we identify is the ability to lead and manage teams. We engage the candidate on their ability to resolve problems and manage crisis situations. The most important qualities we look at are;

  • Language ability and multilingualism
  • Oral and written communication
  • Decision-making skills
  • Team building
  • Leadership and the ability to project manage
  • Productivity improvements.


Staff Retention

If the right staff are recruited and identified, they will stay longer as they experience a sense of belonging and can make a contribution to the company. It is then for the company to ensure that their top talent is developed into the key roles.


The Right Fit

Hiring the right person for the job, we look past the resume and engage them to establish if they are able and willing to rise to challenges. Social Intelligence, being able to work in a team is very important. Top Personnel endeavours to fit the right personality to the position, by asking the right questions. By engaging the candidate on hobbies and interests, can indicate much about their goals and ambitions.

We manage a continuous recruitment process designed to attract a large pool of candidates on the basis of their skills, abilities and talent. We listen carefully to both the candidate and client to understand their specific and unique needs. Our regular marketing and promotion of candidates to our clients, ensures that our star candidates are marketed to our key clients. The culture fit is taken into account. By giving thorough interviews and retaining long standing client relationships, we have the ability to make a successful match.


Defining the job and honing in on the key essentials of the job function will assist in appointing the right person.


We focus on the critical aspects and important duties

Complexity level and the authority of the position is accurately described to attract the suitable candidate


The ability to differentiate the right candidate from the sea of job seekers, is the key to finding the suitable fit.


Top Personnel follows screening practices to ensure all information is validated.


Interview preparations.

Our candidates are prepared for the interviews, with the right information on the company and culture.

Job contracts

We can offer contracts for short-term staff requirements, tailored to suit the employer’s needs.


Contact Us

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Legal and Statutory Compliance

Top Personnel complies with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act 1997. We comply with all legal and regulatory statues pertaining to employment services. We adhere to the Protection of Personal Information Act 4, outlines and content.


"People...Your greatest investment"

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